New York, NY – so nice they had to say it twice.

Newburgh actually, and the first time ever in NY state without heading into Manhattan.  Through the rain and rush hour traffic we did see the mist of a skyline as we drove by on our way to Newburgh.

First team member to make it was Chrys, and he came all the way from Brazil.  Marty, Deb and the van show up sometime around 3 am after a four day slog across the country and suffering through storm after storm after accident and traffic.

The bikes are here and in perfect shape and so we are all happy.

We are highly unorganized first thing in the morning as Marty and I finished the bike around ten pm the night before he left, and after securing the bikes in the van, essentially threw everything else in where we could.

The bike starts after some prep and off we go.  It’s the first miles put on the new build and Marty and I are very nervous.  When I tell some of the veteran bike builders and riders of this vintage this story, they are all a little taken back and concerned.  They know we’re not ready, but we have two days to get her dialed in and I’m not as concerned as I probably should be.  Jump in and swim has been my calling from day one. and this is just another adventure in a lifetime of adventure.