Limping through Oregon

Odd morning taking off as my riding partner, Scott Jacobs, has bike issues and I leave alone.  When we leave in the morning some groups can organically form, but we’re all riding cautiously now and every bike has a differnt comfort speed and as we get closer to our finish everyone is nursing their bikes and taking it as easy as possible.  The groups break apart and it’s a long and lonely road though Eastern Oregon’s high desert country.

We ride past an amazing alkaline lake that is a miles long mirror in the morning light.  It is in the middle of our longest stretch between gas stations, 110 miles, and I’m packing a two gallon spare gas can.  Alone riding, sublime on this old gal, then blast around a corner and a couple of Cannonball bikes on the side of the road adding gas.  It’s back in time and surreal, everyone in their groove now.

Later, I’m refuling as packs of historic machines blast by with an amazing sound of controlled fury.  The Hendersons especially, at speed, have this marvelous cacophony that sounds like a mix of a freight train and a sewing machine. When they go by in a group it’s insanely cool.  You just stand there in awe.  It’s truly amazing.

We stop at Lakeview, Oregon for lunch and the town is out again.  Some have driven a couple of hours just to see the bikes ride by.  One woman is outside her home waving an enormous American flag.  What a hoot, small time heros just a bunch of silly men having a time.  We don’t really deserve the accolades, but it’s fun.  I even do an interview for the local rag, trying, as always, to be a good motorcycle citizen.

We end the day in Klamath Falls and it’s good to get off a bike a continue to wonder at. My poor transmission is limping at best, but I know if bikes have a soul, this one does, and it wants to see the Golden Gate as badly as I do.

One final and epic surprize as an old friend Jim Perkins and his wife meet me at the hotel.  Damn, what a treat as they road few hours to greet me at the hotel.  Life is good, live it.

Harald + BIrgit

Already we can say it was nothing but great big fun to follow you, Deano (and your Team Vino) on this extraordinary adventure . We do love your reports from the journey. Although we are not equipped with this Bordigioni wine from your winery, we are having a toast on you guys and you especially. Guess, for every Harley enthusiast it is just a “must” to take notice of all this. Klamath Falls sound pretty familiar to us since we have been there in previous years, knowing that you are getting closer to home now. Again, please keep the route in mind for us as we are going next year. For now, we wish you a safe return and we are anxious to hear and see all about the great big welcome you guys are going to have. You deserve it all. Keep going, “old” friend !!!!

Billy Conner

Hey Dean, Keep up the great ridding, I just read all your Blogs…Wow what a trip…I am going to have to try this someday.

It looks like a lot of fun and hard work. I am proud of you for putting this together…Had to be a huge project, good luck on the rest of your trip…Looking forward to following the final stages of your Blog…Take care,


james and jane perkins

Wonderful to see you too after all these years, especially meeting your daugter Abi and wife Anni. So many laughs in the brew pub, Anni you have a GREAT sense of humor. (i am sure the waitress hated us).
I was laughing so hard, i almost puked when we rode by the infamous recovery place today on our way home, but puking in a full face helmet is UGLY… Meeting up with the Cannonball at the end of our 4000+ mile, 10 day trip through the Smokey Northwest was epic. see you tomorrow in San Fran at the Family Shop. From the messages (14) left on our home phone, EVERYONE who is a motorcycle enthusiast will be there… Be There or Be Square.
Our best to Marty and Chris! Smoke ém til the wheels fall off!!!!
warm regards, Jane Perkins
ps James expects Abi to have her PHD dissertation completed by the time we see you tomorrow…

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