Stage 7, Murdo to STURGIS

On the road to Biker World USA.  If you don’t know anything about Sturgis, I guess the closest analogy would be Mecca for Muslims.  It takes a pilgrimage.  Over the years, 75 plus years, the town and South Dakota for that matter have come to embrace the wads of cash dirty bikers leave while vacationing on their bikes.  This area has even become a retirement village of sorts for like-minded souls who want long empty stretches of road, restaurants and bars that cater to them with a smile and an easy, kickback attitude about the life they’re living.

The ride itself was spectacular.  The group takes off in the classes from the hotel every morning, with the first class being the smallest displacement bikes, etc, and by the first gas stop we’re get pretty spread out.  This is an endurance race after all, not a speed race, and every rider knows his machine and that sweet spot where the bikes motors along almost effortlessly.  It’s critical in this vintage, you can’t push it, and I’m finding my sweet spot around 48 MPH, while Scott’s is maybe 50.  We separate a bit over the day, get it all evens out over time.

Have to fast forward now as we’re in Yellowstone.  Beautiful riding, obviously, bikes putt putting along in sweet bliss, all of it fab and maybe too good.  Bikes are broken in now and I’m amazed at the quality of the machine designed and manufactured almost 100 years ago.  Just think about it, the founders, the Harley’s and the Davidson, most definitely witnessed this machine leaving the factory floor.  Just fabulous.

Too much to say about how much of a gas this whole thing is, or I’d never finish a post, but the energy keeps building, and Team Vino keeps charging on, 6 finishes in a row and moving up to about mid-pack.  That’s all good with me.  I just like to ride the damn thing.

Chrys will fill in some photos tomorrow, and at the end of it I’ll fill in a bunch of road shots.  Thanks for being part of this epic journey.

One life, live it.

Harald + BIrgit

Hi Deano, the more you report about the landscape and countryside the more it is pretty certain for me that I will be coming across as soon as possible to experience it myself.It is pretty amazing to follow your tracks and we are more than glad that the troubling part of this event seems to be over. Traveling at 48 miles per hour in general as you mentioned is sure something for the bike you got I guess. Anyway, good luck one more time for you and your crew !! Carry on ! Ride safe !

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