Pamela Sullivan

Dino: I want two of your Team Vino shirts for a couple of friends. XXL.
Facebook page says they are available but this page says coming soon. How do I acquire these and purchase wine? Should I just call you or email you directly?

PS: This is Island’s other mother Pamela/p


Hi Pam. Sorry this took so long. I’m out of XXL already, but should have some in a week. Call me anytime at 707-537-8007.

Nice to hear from you. dean


Congrats Dean on your excellent achievements in the 2016 Cannonball Run.
It was again, so fun watching from afar.
Are your wines for sale in Florida?

Darien Ferguson

As far as I am concerned Team Vino won the Motorcycle Cannonball. I am beyond impressed with the whole team, your trusty single steed and your grit and determination Dean! Good show!

All the best, Darien Ferguson

P.S. Tell your sweet girl that a lady in Iowa knows her daddy won!

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